Cavalli Couture At Dubai Water Canal by Damac

Dubai’s Ultra-Luxury Waterfront Development

Dubai has long been a hotspot for luxurious and extravagant living, and the latest addition to its property market, Cavalli Couture, is no exception. Situated on one of the last waterfront plots of Dubai Water Canal.

The Cavalli Couture development is an ultra-luxury 12-storey residence designed by Dubai’s leading boutique real estate company; DAMAC Properties, in collaboration with the iconic Italian fashion house; Cavalli. The new waterfront project will be designed to recreate the Amazonian rainforest, with a stunning cascading waterfall on its facade. At the same time, as Cavalli is famed for its vibrant animal prints, there will also be elements of the jungle implemented throughout the project.

Featuring a unique design inspired by the Amazonian rainforest

The stunning design of Cavalli Couture will be one of its defining features. The exterior of the building will be clad in a mixture of glass and metal panels, creating a striking contrast between the building’s clean lines and the lush greenery of the Amazonian rainforest-inspired landscape. The building’s waterfall will be the focal point of the design, cascading down the facade to create a truly mesmerizing effect.

Private Terraces with Hydroponic Walls

Every single property at Cavalli Couture will include a private terrace where occupants will be able to relax in their own private swimming pool. As well as that, terraces will feature hydroponic walls, which are now highly popular in upscale developments worldwide. Hydroponic walls are an innovative way of bringing the beauty of nature into your home, without taking up any extra space. They are perfect for those who want to add a touch of greenery to their homes but don’t have the time or space to maintain a traditional garden.

Elegant Interiors with Mirror Walls and TV Panels

For an elegant look, the bathrooms and the bedrooms at Cavalli Couture will be separated by a mirror wall. This design feature will enhance the interiors.

Investing in Cavalli Couture Properties Has Many Benefits

As an aspiring resident of the opulent Cavalli Couture, you will be treated to a delightful fusion of fashion and sensuality. The lavish abodes will feature extravagant interiors designed by Cavalli, adorned with a myriad of striking hues, precious textures and exquisite patterns. The interiors will blend audacious animal prints with delicate embroideries, sculptural forms and asymmetrical lines.

In addition to the signature Cavalli style, the future residents of Cavalli Couture will bask in the resort-like ambiance and indulge in the epitome of luxury living. The development boasts a sensational rooftop infinity pool that offers an unobstructed view of the horizon. The residents will have the pleasure of relishing the mouthwatering creations of a renowned chef each night. Other exclusive amenities include:

Consider these Cavalli Couture features when buying a property

f you find yourself in a bustling metropolis, do not fret, for there are abundant eateries to host your delightful dinner gatherings, particularly if you have an affinity for Italian cuisine. And if sharing your life with a special someone who is nearby is of paramount importance to you, then look no further and make your way home to the luxurious Cavalli Tower apartments. You need it to elevate your lifestyle to the next level.

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