How Long Does It Take To Sell Property In Dubai?

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This process could take one to four weeks, depending on the circumstances. These documents include the original title, the letter to Dubai Land Department, and the letter addressed to the seller.

Are you planning on selling Dubai property fast for the first time? This guide will show you how to sell property in Dubai. It is a simple way to ensure this stressful process goes smoothly. There are specific steps that you should follow when selling property in Dubai.

I Want To Sell My Property What Is The Requirement?

I Want To Sell My Property What Is The Requirement

The first step is the most difficult if you are a newbie to selling property in Dubai process. Many people need help determining where to begin or how to proceed. Before selling property in Dubai, let’s look at what you need to do.

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Register your Property

Please visit our Sales Section

  • Refer to “Sell me my property.”
  • Register your information as required

Call RAS Properties anytime for any assistance in listing your property.

An Evaluation of Your Property

Once you’ve signed our Agency Agreement and agreed to an appraisal, we will make arrangements for an appointment. We will give you a comparable market analysis for properties correctly listed in your locality and recently sold properties to indicate the expected price.

There are many factors to consider when selling property in Dubai. Working with the right agent is crucial to ensure you have the best experience. Real Estate can help you sell your property in Dubai.

Image Presentation & Property Presentation

Not only will it help you sell faster, but it will also improve offers and return on your investment. Give your garden a clean, paint it, display flowers, and do thorough tidying.

For Sale by Owner Market Appraisal in Dubai

Market Appraisal in Dubai

A market appraisal will be done on your property. Our advisors will advise on the most realistic selling price and strategy. It is recommended to set an actual value.

Promoting Your Property through Different Media

AZCO is a top-rated property consultant in Dubai. They will market your property through a variety of marketing channels, including the following:

Apply for NOC

The developer will arrange for all the parties to meet at his offices to obtain a No Objection Certificate to sell the property. The NOC will generally be issued against payment.

Once the developer is satisfied, the amount due to him in service fees has been paid in full, and any modifications the seller may have made, the NOC will be granted. Usually, a representative of the developer’s offices will visit the property to look at it.

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Plan for the Disconnection of the Utilities

Get in touch with your utility companies to initiate the disconnection process. Now, all parties should have a date for the transfer and finalize. This can prevent delays from ever happening.

After Receiving the NOC

All parties can legally transfer ownership once the NOC is issued. Dubai Land Department insists that all parties pay the purchase price in the form of a manager’s cheque payable to the seller at the date of transfer.

This will also include managers’ cheques for the DLD 4% fee and an administrative fee of AED 4,000. Once all formalities are completed, a brand new title deed in the buyer’s name will be issued. The buyer will settle all outstanding service charges paid to the seller at this point.

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Can I sell my Dubai property?

Can I sell my Dubai property

 There are only a few simple steps to selling your Dubai property. Driven Properties can assist you in negotiating rates and getting sellers after your property is listed.

What Is The Main Cause Of A Property Not Selling In Your Area?

Some reasons that lead to a failed property sale include the wrong location, underpricing, not analyzing the market, going at the whole thing alone, working alongside multiple dealers, and imposing one’s thoughts on the buyer.

Is It Simple To Sell Property In Dubai?

It is challenging to sell a property like a flat. It is difficult to sell a parcel due to increasing competition. There are a few things you should avoid when selling property in Dubai.

Is Dubai Property Worth The Investment?

Dubai has many good options for property investments. This city offers luxury properties at a lower price than the rest of the world.

How can I sell my Dubai land?

How can I sell my Dubai land

Find a trustworthy broker to help you sell your Dubai land. The broker will help to find the right buyer and make an excellent offer for the land.


It is easier to sell property in Dubai than you may think. It differs from the rules you need to understand but the selling times. You can be confident that your sale will bring you a good return, regardless of whether it is through a broker or yourself.

For any other queries, feel free to leave them in our comments section. You’ll see me next time with another informative article!

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