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Benefits of Property Management with RAS PROPERTIES

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Dubai's Best  Property Management Company is in Your Access

Management of real estate properties involves the management of commercial, residential, or industrial properties for the property owner. The property administrator is responsible for maintaining the property, collecting rent, coordinating tenant relations, and handling all legal matters related to the property.

Best property management companies in Dubai involve administering personal property, equipment, tools, and other capital assets acquired for construction repairs, maintenance, and final item deliverables. The properties we manage are in prime areas in the UAE, featuring state-of-the-art and luxury amenities.

Benefits of Property Management with RAS PROPERTIES

Increased occupancy rate

At 90% occupancy, we can show that your property is a highly desirable and profitable investment, attracting the most trustworthy and reliable renters to your home.

Increased Rental Prices

Our property management services have proved effective, resulting in our properties earning 6.14 % higher than the non-managed residential properties available for sale.

A Name of Trust

We have been an integral part of the property landscape in the Emirates for more than 35 years. So, Don’t worry. Your property is our property.

Superior Service

As a property manager with a wide network of vetted contractors as partners, we take pride in offering our customers top-rated service.

Absolute Responsibility

Wherever you are, you can count on us to send you reliable and timely reports by quarterly emails or as required.

Renters of content

Every week, our team will ensure you are informed by periodic, precise reports you will receive wherever you are.

Let Capable Hands Take Care of Your Property

The real estate market is an asset that requires a proactive approach to maximize returns. Ras-Properties Asset Management team creates customized strategies to address customers’ short -, medium, and long-term goals in investing.

Property Management in Dubai isn’t a part-time job. Tenants expect and require services that are accessible 24/7 all year long. Our Facilities Management team ensures that maintenance assistance is available whenever and wherever needed to ease the burden off your shoulders. We will evaluate your property and create the best strategy for performance improvement.

Residential Property Management

Having Ras Properties as a property manager lets our clients feel at ease knowing their property is in good hands. We offer a seamless experience maintaining your property well since the value of your assets grows.

Our real estate consultants are available 24/7 to give you the most up-to-date information on the market and industry trends to help you make informed decisions promptly.

Management of Commercial Properties

Our dedicated team is qualified to oversee commercial buildings. We have extensive experience managing various properties across different sectors, including warehouses, retail, hospitals, hotels, factories, labor camps, private offices, government buildings, and much more. RAS Properties Property Management in UAE plans is custom-designed to meet your needs.

Our property management companies in Dubai system for reporting on commercial properties offers a comprehensive analysis of your property’s performance compared to market trends to keep you updated at all times without the management stress resulting from the procedure.

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