What are the Types of Apartments You Can Buy in Dubai

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Types of Apartments You Can Buy in Dubai

When you look around the types of apartments in Dubai, a huge list emerges according to the size, shape, location, and choice of rooms.

The need of apartment depends on your needs, whether you intend to buy an apartment for residential use or to sell it for business investment. First, you need to know about the types of apartments. Here, we will introduce you to all kinds of apartments, which will help you choose an apartment in your interest.

1-Bedroom Apartments

One-bedroom apartment is small but has enough area with a kitchen, bathroom, and a spacious living room. 

Such apartments are constructed with zero wall concept. As there is no wall inside the apartment. A unique closet separates your living room. It has two entryways horizontally

with seven feet directions. 

2-Bedroom Apartments

As the name suggests, a 2-bedroom apartment has two separate bedrooms. Each room has one window and door. There is a distinct wall that separates rooms. These apartments have large spaces with big kitchens and individual bath areas.

Garden-style Apartments

A garden-style apartment is constructed on the ground level. It has very complex construction but a unique apartment; everybody who visits once prefers to buy this apartment. 

These apartments are usually constructed in metropolitan areas. These apartments have three big stories and are well-arranged. You can find the luxury of lifestyle here. 

Railroad Apartments

The design of a railroad apartment is unique, and a long corridor is made at the center of the rooms. This layout provides a large space; the rooms are on one side of the lobby. The lounge and kitchen are situated on the front side of the rooms. If you are searching for an apartment, get services from a property agent.

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are the most common choice of many buyers. These apartments are spacious, have several rooms and a well-constructed kitchen, and are easy to keep clean. 

The unique thing about these rooms is that the restroom is separated from other rooms. These apartments are not more expensive as compared to others. 

Basement Apartments

A basement apartment is constructed inside the ground surface. Most people love to live inside these apartments. Well, the construction of these apartments is complex but have constructed with all advanced level buildup. 

The temperature inside these apartments is normal during all seasons, but they can be noisy because of traffic on the road.

3 Types of apartments buildings

High-rise apartment buildings

High-rise apartment buildings are the most common type of apartment building. These structures range from 5 to 25 stories in height and typically include amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and secure entrances. High-rise apartments can offer spectacular views of the city or beachfront but often come with a higher price tag than other types of buildings.

Mid-rise apartments buildings 

Mid-rise apartments buildings usually consist of 3 to 6 stories and may include features like patios, balconies, and laundry facilities. They tend to be more affordable than high-rises yet still offer many modern amenities that make living comfortable. Mid-rise apartments also provide residents with some privacy compared to lower rise buildings.

Low-rise apartment buildings

Low-rise apartment buildings are typically 2 to 4 stories tall and may have fewer modern amenities than mid or high-rises due to their size. However, these buildings usually offer extra outdoor space for residents, such as playgrounds or gardens, which can be attractive for families with children who want a safe place to play outdoors without additional yard maintenance costs. Low rises are often located in quieter neighborhoods where it is easier to find parking spots and tend to be more affordable than taller buildings.

Final Words:

Dubai is the best place to have your home on this land. It is not easy to find a good place and construct your home. That is the reason people find constructed and well-furnished apartments for living. If you are looking for the best apartment in Dubai, RAS properties can help you to find it. You can buy your apartments but don’t forget to read these factors and the type of apartment that can help you.

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