Where To Buy Traditional Clothes In Dubai In 2023?

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There is something different about the beautiful city of Dubai because you always notice uniqueness in this place every time you visit, and Dubai apparel is no exception; on the contrary, it’s one of the city’s best treats.

Not only Dubai but Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and some other UAE cities also offer great experiences to their visitors. However, Dubai is ahead of them, and many developed western cities.

So, with that many options to choose from in the city, where to buy traditional clothes in Dubai in 2023? Where can you get the most affordable and reasonable rates? It gets pretty confusing sometimes. 

Here’s a list of the best places to buy traditional clothes in Dubai. Let’s do the shopping together.

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Where To Buy Traditional Clothes In Dubai?

Pinpointing some places in Dubai as the best to buy traditional clothes is a challenging task because the city of Dubai alone has almost everything that you can get anywhere in the world. 

However, different people have different opinions based on their experiences, so you shouldn’t ask many people as you’ll get double-minded. 

Below is a list of some of the best places in Dubai to buy traditional clothes when you’re on a budget or looking to buy the best.

Naif Souk:

Starting things off with one of the most budget-friendly shopping places in Dubai, Naif Souk. UAE is a Muslim-majority country; therefore, abayas (traditional or modern burqas) are famous and almost always in market demand.

For women looking to follow the famous saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” buying abayas from affordable marketplaces like Naik Souk, they will be doing as the Emiratis do. 

You won’t have to worry much about finances in this area if you have a decent sum; the only thing that might concern you is not bringing enough shopping bags before coming.

And not only abayas (burqas), Naif Souk also offers many other great services and experiences, like hair extensions, henna designs, and of course, amazing perfumes.

The Naif Souk opens at 9 AM and closes at 10 PM every day of the week, except Friday, as most of the market remains closed due to the Friday prayers.

Naif Souk is located behind Traditional Souq – Naif St – Deira – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, near Naif Police Station.

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Al Madani Tailoring:

Al Madani Tailoring is a popular clothing store in Dubai and, interestingly, where you and Dubai’s royal family are equal. How? Because the royal family of Dubai is also their customer.

The Al Madani Tailoring business is among the oldest businesses in Dubai, dating back to 1965. It is said that the Al Madani group still manufactures clothes for the royal family from their first clothing shop inaugurated in 1965.

Now, there must be something unique about them if even the royals couldn’t ignore. Al Madani Tailoring is famous for its marvelous garment designs with a traditional touch.

They also have several branches in other UAE cities, and their art and craft are respected throughout the entire middle eastern peninsula. 

Moreover, according to them, their goal is to provide their customers with the best quality, focus on their needs, have the best employees, and be result-oriented. 

Al Madani Tailoring is located at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311 Road – Dubai – UAE.  

The opening and closing hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday are 10 AM to 10 PM and 10 AM to 12 AM on Friday and Saturday.

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Dubai Mall:

Dubai Mall is like a mini city inside Dubai because once you enter, you lose track of time and get lost in the wonderful experiences the Dubai Mall offers. 

Interestingly, Dubai has the largest mall worldwide, the Dubai Mall, and the tallest building worldwide, the Burj Khalifa, right next to each other in Downtown Dubai.

You can get anything in the Dubai Mall without much effort because everything feels right in front of you at walking distance (whatever you need). Even if you want to buy traditional clothes in Dubai, the Dubai Mall has your back.

It is located at the Financial Center street, along Sheikh Zayed Road, next to Burj Khalifa – Dubai – UAE. 

The opening and closing hours from Monday to Thursday are 10 AM to 12 AM and 10 AM to 1 AM from Friday to Sunday. 

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Textile Souk:

We have another great souk (street market) in Dubai, the Textile Souk. You will feel like you’re walking through ancient Arab bazaars primarily due to several traditional apparel designs’ bright and sparkling colors.

You can buy any traditional clothing of your liking here at reasonable prices for all genders and people of all body sizes (from kids to adults). 

Not only are they selling clothes here, but they are also creating them. It’s the art of these highly professional tailors there that keeps this marketplace running and attracting customers.

The phrase, “everything they touch turns to gold,” perfectly fits them as they can turn any piece of cloth into something you can flex around.

It is located at 57 Ali Bin Abi Talib St, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE. 

9 AM to 9 PM are the opening and closing hours of the market from Monday to Saturday, with Friday being the exception when the market opens at around 6 AM and closes at the same time. Textile Souk mostly remains closed on Sundays. 

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Stylish yet modest” is the specialty of Hanayen stores. This clothing brand primarily specializes in abayas (burqas); they have a huge variety of abayas to choose from. 

If you are looking to buy an abaya for the time being and are still determining which place would be the best in this regard, Hanayen should be your choice. 

The modern touch with the same feel of an abaya differentiates Hanayen from other brands and makes it stand out among them. 

Hanayen is widely famous in Dubai for residents and tourists alike, and it has around a dozen other store outlets all around the country (UAE).

The store has been operating since 1990 when its founder started building this huge brand in a small store (and look at where it is now. Hard Work Pays Off!) 

In simpler words, Hanayen is dedicated to designing modern abayas as modern as they are traditional, and so far, they’ve done a great job.

Hanayen is located at unit# 191, Ground Floor, Mirdif City Center, Dubai, UAE. 

The opening and closing hours are 10 AM to 12 AM almost every day of the week, with some exceptions like Friday prayers or lunchtime. 

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Al Motahajiba is also exceptional when it comes to the combination of modern and traditional clothing. Their clothes also offer a traditional look with a modern touch. 

However, this isn’t their only specialty; you can also browse from their modern garment designs and choose something of your liking. 

You can also shop online on their official site. Not only in Dubai, but they have also established a reputation in fashion globally, and many Arab women prefer to buy their clothes from Al Motahajiba.

It is located in the Mall of Emirates, Dubai, UAE. 

The opening and closing hours here are 10 AM to 11 PM from Monday to Friday and 10 AM to 12 AM from Saturday to Sunday. 

Deira City Center:

Deira City Center

Also known as one of the oldest shopping malls in Dubai, the Deira City Center offers everything you seek. But that’s one thing; the surroundings of this place also give you a unique vibe.

The Deira City Center has many major fashions, electronics, and ornaments brands, and you can expect a nice deal when buying traditional clothes in this area.

You can also take the kids to the playing area here or watch a movie if you’re craving it. 

Some people would even say that if you didn’t visit the Deira City Center while visiting Dubai, you’re missing out on a lot of fun and leisure.

It is located at 8th St – Port Saeed – Dubai – UAE. 

This center’s opening and closing hours are 10 AM to 12 AM from Monday to Thursday and 10 AM to 1 AM from Friday to Sunday. 


Where To Buy Traditional Clothes In Dubai?

Where To Buy Traditional Clothes In Dubai

There are many places like Al Madani Tailoring, Dubai Mall, Hanayen, Naif Souk, etc., where you can buy traditional clothes in Dubai. 

What Is The UAE Traditional Dress Name?

The UAE’s traditional dress is considered to be the Abaya (Burqa). Interestingly, the UAE’s traditional dress isn’t technically a dress but a modest covering over one.

What Is The UAE Traditional Dress For A Boy/Male?

Dishdasha, also called Kandura, is the traditional dress of men in the UAE. The dress that comes to your mind when you think of Arabs. The long white dress covers the whole body.

Final Words:

The places mentioned above are some of the best places to buy traditional clothes in Dubai in 2023, offering unique experiences. 

I hope you find this article helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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